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Vodafone Gigafast live footprint hits 25,000 premises mark

The Vodafone Gigafast roll-out is live in three different urban areas, Aberdeen, Milton Keynes and Peterborough.With the addition of another area in Peterborough the overall footprint has now hit 25,445 premises.

The additional roll-out in Peterborough now means that 1 in 10 now have a full fibre option in the city and the plan is to go much further so we will be keeping an eye open to track the roll-out. The pace of the roll-out is not awe inspiring yet but just like the Openreach roll-outs that have taken time to get up to speed as 2019 progresses we expect the pace to accelerate.

FTTP from Vodafone in Peterborough
Postcodes with Vodafone full fibre Gigafast service availability in the Peterborough. Latest area to be added in the Paston area of Peterborough.

Our package search will of course highlight the Vodafone Gigafast services if they are available, but on social media we are seeing some report they are getting free service for a period of time for hosting a board proclaiming they have signed up to the service. Though we would have assumed that the final act of the roll-out teams once they've commissioned a street would be to leave leaflets letting people know the service is now ready to order, thus all those on streets passed should have a really good idea that the service is available.


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