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Live Fibre First services seen on twenty exchanges - UPDATE 2

The Fibre First activity in Northern Ireland and places like Bedminster in Bristol is fairly well known about but after the very recent appearance of widespread full fibre in Corstorphine, Swinton and Whitchurch in Cardiff we have seen actual live ready to order FTTP structures in a number of other exchanges.

The new areas include several exchanges in Birmingham, more exchanges in Bristol and Crayford in Bexley, the FTTP footprint in those areas is still fairly small (map of Crayford area) but if the pattern of other recent exchanges is followed we are going to find a lot more availability in these new areas in a short period of time.

The UK wide Openreach FTTP footprint that we know about now stands at 773,384 premises and has grown by 21,781 premises in the last 8 days.

The list of exchanges where we believe we have seen live Fibre First FTTP is Ballysillan, Balmoral, Dundonald, Fort William, Knock, Malone, Ormeau, Stormont, North all in Northern Ireland and spread across England, Scotland and Wales there is Bedminster, Birchfield, Bristol North, Bristol South,  Childwall, Corstorphine, Crayford, Easton, Kings Norton, Stechford, Swinton and Whitchurch (Cardiff).

For those who are living in an area not mentioned but featured in the Openreach press releases previously the pattern we are seeing that the FTTP is appearing in both exchange only and cabinet areas where no VDSL2 is available will be welcome. The majority of the Fibre First roll-out though is appearing though in locations where VDSL2 speeds are above the superfast thresholds.

The Openreach website does have a map showing the exchange boundaries for where Fibre First is expected to roll-out and while the roll-out we have seen in locations like Swinton and Whitchurch has been extensive it is not universal, so living or working in one of the shaded areas does not guarantee that FTTP will be available.

Update Monday 18th February 2019: In the last three days three more exchanges with Fibre First FTTP activity have been spotted, AbbeyHill (Edinburgh), Thornton Heath and Wythenshawe. These exchanges and other additions have increased our full fibre count for Openreach to 788,084 premises and Bristol has just reached the 1 in 10 have a full fibre connection option (10.1% for all FTTP operators, 8.01% via Openreach roll-out.

Update Wednesday 20th February 2019: We have started seeing live GEA-FTTP on two Leeds exchanges, Headingley and Moortown. Headingley already has some pods and we have found over build with FTTP once again.


Hrrrrm ... "Great news, you can order a Fibre to the Premises service today."

Don't think that's right, but wouldn't say no :-)

  • arfster
  • 3 months ago

Corstorphine, not phone.

  • Diggory
  • 3 months ago


  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 3 months ago

Wythenshawe not Wythenshare too :)

  • ppiixx
  • 3 months ago

Lol - not sure how that typo happened but have fixed it, and added a note about two more exchange areas we've started to see Fibre First live availability on.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 3 months ago

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