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OFNL breaks 40,000 premises milestone with FTTP network

Fibre to the Premises has a wide range of infrastructure providers delivering to new build homes and Open Fibre Networks Limited (OFNL) is one of those providers and as part of our work in determing what broadband is available to premises in new postcodes we have been tracking their roll-out and this indicates a footprint of some 40,294 premises.

The map does not look like it comprises over 40,000 premises and a lot of this is down to relatively dense nature of the estates where OFNL has been chosen as the broadband infrastructure provider. The deployment does stretch from Inverness down to Cornwall. We believe their actual footprint is larger in terms of premises since it is likely we are missing a few estates and the cycle of quarterly releases of postcode locations by ONS means we are always slightly behind on the newest postcodes.

A OFNL presence usually means other telecoms providers are locked out and this means there is a more a limited retail provider choice, with 6 consumer providers and a much higher number of business providers.


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