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County Broadband to roll-out full fibre to 30,000 premises

County Broadband has been providing a fixed wireless service for a while and has a small full fibre presence in Broughton, Cambridgeshire but that is set to change with plans to deliver Gigabit capable full fibre to some 30,000 homes and businesses across East Anglia, the majority of villages that will benefit from the new service are believed to be in Essex.

The new service is open for pre-order which means people will save the £225 connection fee, and we would assume given that there are no firm timescales or roll-out locations announced yet pre-registering does not commit you buying the service.

Since securing the investment, we have been identifying target areas. Many premises might have access to broadband, but the ultrafast speeds that we will all soon need are only available to around 6% of the UK. Household usage and data consumption is already predicted to increase 10-fold every six years and only ultrafast solutions will match this requirement.

Our goal is to provide a world-class, future proof infrastructure which will deliver ultrafast broadband speeds of 1,000Mbps now and even faster speeds in future as well as providing additional services such as telephony, home security and access to the vital services that the local authorities and health services plan for online access in the coming years. Aviva Investors' recognise the vital need for future proof fibre infrastructure and their funding supports our strategy to service more than 30,000 homes and businesses in the region.

Lloyd Felton, CEO, County Broadband

We have heard before that the growth in data usage is going to need the UK to switch to full fibre, but a lot of the growth in data usage on fixed line broadband has been people adopting services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, so the growth may level off once everyone who wants to stream video can do so. A quick bit of maths shows that a 30 Mbps connection running flat out for six hours a day will use around 1,600 GB of data each month, around 8 times the currently average monthly usage rate.

The new service does have some pricing which is based around a 24 month contract (though if you move out of an enabled area you can exit the contract with no penalty), a 30 Mbps symmetric service is £39.99 per month, 100 Mbps £44.99/m, 250 Mbps £54.99/m, 500 Mbps £64.99/m and the full fat product 1000 Mbps is £74.99/m. The unlimited nature of the service is partially unlimited since if you download more than the 98th percentile of other customers your usage may be restricted (no action is to be expected if the usage is under 600GB per month).

The Broughton FTTP area is now on our broadband map and postcodes in our database.


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