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TalkTalk increases TV package pricing by £4

Increases in the pricing for new customers usually causes almost no ripples, so changing our listings to reflect the £4/m increase in the cost of the TalkTalk TV bundles would not usually mean a news story but in this case as it affects existing customers there is the need to make sure as many people are aware and if they want can opt-out to avoid the charge.

The £4 per month increase applies to new and existing TalkTalk customers with a subscription to a TalkTalk TV package and as we covered just over a week ago it appears that even if you have no active TV boosts but have a TalkTalk TV YouView box connected to your TalkTalk connection the charge will apply. In short this extra £4 charge appears to be a charge for those who want the option to sign up to a TV boost, you can opt out of the charge by contacting TalkTalk but you will not be able to sign up any TV boosts since the TalkTalk run elements of the YouView box will stop working i.e. the YouView box simply becomes a FreeView box. Whether it is possible to opt back in and then sign up to a TV boost for the one month of the year you want it is something we don't know.

With TalkTalk having previously heavily pushed its fixed price contracts this price rise may catch out a good number of customers who did not realise that the price guarantee only covered the line rental and broadband access charges, the ancillary elements like cost of phone calls, TV add-ons etc could all change in price.


I renewed my contract with TalkTalk last March, since then the cost of phone part of contract has increased and the 'free' essentials SIM has been discontinued, now this which took 42mins on chat to get cancelled. The 'new' CEO has pretty much destroyed my trust of TalkTalk, as previous to this I've never had a in contract price rise.

  • burble
  • 8 months ago

Never thought I would see the words 'trust' and 'TalkTalk' in the same line ...

  • mike41
  • 8 months ago

Talk talk is not cheap anymore, there was a time where it was the cheapest broadband around and that was why people went for them sure they are cheap for the first 18 months, but after that, even Plusnet is cheaper.
As for the TV service, it looks naff anyway and that means BT/Plusnet version of it as well.

  • zyborg47
  • 8 months ago

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