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Freeserve wants BT to change its clothes

  • Wednesday, September 25, 2002 4:50 PM
Whilst Freeserve advertises its dialup service almost daily and wants us to abandon our clothes, they want BT Retails new Broadband direct product to be kept fully clothed and preferrably locked away somewhere.

BBC News Online has a piece on Freeserve complaining about the possible advantages that BT Retail will have with its new Direct product. Freeserve's chief lawyer David Melville claims "The advantages being given to BT right now could cost consumers up to £100 million over the next five years, economists estimate,". The same could be said of Freeserves own broadband product which only with BT Openworld and AOL are some of the most expensive dynamic IP services available. There are potential problems with the BT Retail system, but all the complaining over ease of access to potential customer lists is very rich. Freeserve hardly advertise their broadband service on television, and in theory with their massive dialup userbase they have lots of potential sales on their hands.

The valid concerns with the BT Retail product is that support/sales staff will have access to information about a customers line. These advantages are of main benefit when working with ISDN/HH to ADSL conversions and users who have lines that may require a bit of work to meet the ADSL standards.

The market is ripe for the taking and Freeserve should be large enough to other a product range that is a lot more exciting and dynamic. Time for talk and time for action if ISPs want to stop BT dominating the consumer market place.


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