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TalkTalk customers need to watch out for £4 TV charge

TalkTalk seems to be introducing what some are calling a stealth charge, we believe that this new £4 charge will appear on your bill automatically if you have a YouView settop box with TalkTalk branding (this seems to include those who have bought the boxes second hand and have not actually has a TalkTalk TV subscription).

The £4 charge is described as an access charge for TalkTalk TV i.e. you will be paying £4 for the ability to access the TalkTalk menus that let you add TV Boosts. Those customers who have a plan that includes TalkTalk TV already should not be paying the charge, but will impact those for example who joined TalkTalk with a TV bundle and subsequently downgraded to just a broadband package but kept the YouView box that came with the service.

To avoid the charge you need to opt out and the TalkTalk Community Forums are understandably filling up with people who want to opt out and is also being discussed on our forums. If you opt out the FreeView content, recording, playback and catch-up will continue to work but TalkTalk specific features will be disabled.

For those who migrated away from TalkTalk and have a TalkTalk YouView box this new £4 charge should not apply, but it is probably worth keeping half an eye open to make sure they don't suddenly bill you again even though you have left (ie. they see a box call home and blindly bill without checking whether you are still a customer).

Fixed price broadband contracts have been the big change for many in the last year or two, but many are finding that while the core line rental and broadband component are fixed in price for your minimum term other elements such as TV channels and phone call charges are still variable. Recent Ofcom research into the volume of the switching market showed less switching between providers took place in 2018 and we suspect that the fixed price contracts from well known budget providers like TalkTalk and Plusnet were a major factor in this.


Just spent 42mins online to ensure the charge is stopped as I don't use TalkTalk TV but they had sent me a box some years back. as per the forums I vote that Tristia Harrison the latest TalkTalk CEO should get the 'Michael O'Leary award'

  • burble
  • about 1 year ago

Sadly, it's worse than this.

For starters, the charge is being applied to customers who have never ordered TalkTalk TV and have never been given a free YouView box. It appears that if you so much as connect a YouView box to your home network, you are deemed to have opted in to the service and will be charged £4/month.

Second, the announcement of the new charge was hidden in a letter that appears to be promotional in nature (i.e., the sort of thing that would go in the bin after a quick glance). You really have to read it twice with a cynical hat on to realise what it's saying.

  • richi
  • about 1 year ago

Yes indeed, eight years ago I described TalkTalk as the Ryanair of the broadband business after two months without service and useless customer staff. Burble's 'Michael O'Leary award' is well deserved as both companies continue their ripoff race. Those involved should consider reporting TT to Ofcom and the consumer organisations.

  • mike41
  • about 1 year ago

Well done Talk Talk, just sounds like the sort of thing they would do.

  • zyborg47
  • about 1 year ago

Not sure how the second comment can be correct - if you connect a Youview box to your network having never been a customer of TT , all it can do is send the IP address back to base, no name and address for charging ??

  • about 1 year ago

@BREWERDAVE TalkTalk have all the details they need as they know who is renting the connection. Obviously it's only TalkTalk connections where TalkTalk are wanting to make a charge.

  • MCM999
  • about 1 year ago

@MCM999 - I presumed that - but the post by richi ,made it sound like they were trying to charge anyone who had a box connected ,regardless of their ISP

  • about 1 year ago

Has anybody with a Talk Talk contract actually succeeded in communicating with them?
I have been trying since day one and found the only available route was writing to them,
No luck with their phone number, live chat always dead, no email address, and so far no response to signed for letters.
My bank says I can't even stop my direct debit without the agreement of TT.
How much will they steal over the rest of my contract???

  • eurotraveller
  • about 1 year ago

Don't recall ever getting a letter - only email in Jan which didn't say anything about TT opting you into TV by default whether you want or not :-((

Received first bill with +£4 today. Don't have TT Youview box (it's my own from elsewhere) and have never opted into TTTV. Got through on phone amazingly quickly about 1300 GMT, but call then took 35 mins with a lot of being put on hold while Rose struggled to reverse my erroneous opt-in, refund my £4 (credit in a month) and ensure I don't start getting charged in future. I'll be examining the next few months' bills v carefully though!

  • robvulpes
  • about 1 year ago

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