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More Gigabit broadband from Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic continues to install its fibre to the premises service across the UK and while we normally just quietly add the new postcodes, as we have been highlighting new and other FTTP areas it is only fair to give a few of their new areas a mention.

Hyperoptic postcodes in London Hackney area
Postcodes where Hyperoptic services can be ordered in Hackney area of London

Flats around E9 5PT in Hackney are one of the new areas added to our maps and postcode checker, a couple of other clusters are around SE16 6SS and G3 8GD, there is plenty more and our package search which orders by fastest service speed available will show Hyperoptic if available.


Minor point but the Hackney post codes are incorrect (remove the 'S')

  • MaryHinge
  • 7 months ago

Fixed it so matches the map now and goes to make some coffee.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 7 months ago

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