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Caerphilly added to list of Gfast exchanges

Caerffili (Caerphilly) now has 34 pods that are live and taking orders for the ultrafast broadband service from Openreach via various retail providers.

This takes the total UK footprint for to 1,243,630 premises and with the Openreach FTTP footprint we have an Openreach ultrafast (100 Mbps and faster) footprint of 1,886,564 premises or close enough to the 2 million figure that if you enjoy nice round numbers you can talk of a 2 million premises footprint.

We know of some 4,342 pods across 231 different exchange areas now and in the case of Caerphilly this has taken the ultrafast coverage level from 1.8% to 11.1% in the local authority area.

With the higher visibility of the Ofcom checker we have looked at a very small sub set of postcodes and some early pod areas appear to be showing up as FTTP with speed estimates of 1000 Mbps down and 220 Mbps and in a number of 2018 areas the appears to be missing. When we have opportunity will try to profile things to see a what speed Ofcom stops saying to its ultrafast coverage footprint, it should in theory be once the expected speed falls below 300 Mbps, which will miss out the bulk of the roll-out unless using very optimistic range estimates.


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