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Denham to gain its own Wi-Fi network is working to bring wireless internet access to that area of the country. The aim is to use a 3.8Ghz link to Uxbridge where bandwidth is available and distribute this over an 802.11b wireless network in the local area.

Their website charts the progress of the project, which is at the stage of seeking to obtain permission to site the main transmitter. Unlike a lot of the heavily commercial operations this project appears to be very much people in the local area working to get the system going, as such there is little pricing information etc. What you do get is regular updates on the way things are going.

Wireless is very often going to be the cheapest way of getting broadband access to areas where the current ADSL rollout may be uneconomic. Lets hope that the various schemes around the country do come to fruition and provide people with the type of Internet access they have desired for so long.


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