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£75 reward as part of Black Friday Sale for those joining Plusnet

Black Friday Sale week brings lots of broadband offers and if you are in a position to switch provider it can provide a way of reducing your monthly costs by migrating. For those ordering during the sale period with lead times of around 3 weeks for migrations you should in theory be moved before the Christmas break.

Plusnet has offers on both its ADSL2+ and VDSL2 services which are as follows and are all 18 month contracts and feature a no price rise guarantee during the minimum term:

The vast majority of UK addresses will get the prices shown, a small number are charged a higher price hence the 'from' and when checking your speeds for each product on the Plusnet site you will be told which price block you are in.

The £75 reward works out as a £4.17 per month reduction over the course of the 18 months, which gives a £19.82 equivalent price and thus marginally cheaper than the TalkTalk Black Friday Deal on the entry level VDSL2 service. The choice is really down to your provider preference and the minor hassle of claiming the reward card and remembering to spend it.


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