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Only £25/m for Virgin Media VIVID 100 service during Black Friday Sale

Virgin Media has joined the Black Friday Sale with a number of its 12 month contract services having lower prices on offer until the end of the sale on 26th November 2018.

  • VIVID 100 and phone line £25/m for 12 months then £47/m
  • VIVID 200 and phone line £30/m for 12 months then £52/m
  • VIVID 350 and phone line £35/m for 12 months then £57/m
  • Virgin Media Full House TV Bundle £45/m for 12 months then £74/m. Includes VIVID 100 and phone line.
  • Virgin Media VIP Bundle £75/m for 12 months then £129/m. Includes VIVID 350 and phone line.

In addition to the 12 month contracts there is a £25 setup fee.

There are 30 day rolling contract options available, but these are at standard prices and incur a higher setup fee of £70


@thinkbroadband That's pretty aggressive pricing. If they were priced that way all the time, not sure if that's pos…

  • @CarlTSpeak
  • comment via twitter
  • 6 months ago

I did just phone them and ask if I could have this as an existing customer with a contract ending in march.... somewhat unsurprisingly I was told no!

Worth a try.

  • rtho782
  • 6 months ago

"VIVID 350 and phone line £35/m for 12 months then £57/m"

My contract runs out on Friday and I was also told no - so ho hum £48 a month for 350 it is - at least I am on a 30 day rolling contract now (or better be)

  • ZenUser27
  • 6 months ago

And yet - in my customer area they are offering me phone line and player TV for £2 a month extra for 12 months..

Getting desperate as it was £8 last week.

  • ZenUser27
  • 6 months ago

As usual with all broadband and indeed utility companies generally, the existing customers have to subsidise the marketing to attract new customers.

Having been a Virgin customer for nearly five years, I resent that I have to 'renegotiate' my contract every 12-18 months. The (Openreach) reconnection fee when leaving the VM network makes that financial decision a little harder.


  • adr999
  • 6 months ago

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