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Up to £150 rewards with Black Friday full fibre and partial fibre services at BT

The rush to the be the winner in the Black Friday sale stampede is underway and BT is one of the earlier ones to lay out its offers which run until 26th November 2018.

The usual prepaid MasterCard rewards are running but with values of £150 on the ultrafast services (FTTP or depending on what is available in your location), £140 on the Superfast 2 service (FTTC or FTTP depending on what is available in your locatoin) and £120 on the Superfast service (FTTC or FTTP).

The Black Friday sale coincides with lower pricing and low cost setup, it is not uncommon for the FTTC services to vary between £9.99 and £59.99 for the upfront cost but they are all down at £9.99 currently. Only the ultrafast services remain at the higher price point.

Tthe full list of BT services including the mobile products is in our product listings.

For existing BT customers the main way you can benefit from the sale is the SIM plans with £50 to £100 rewards, and the largest mobile SIM plan with a 40GB data allowance is down at just £25/m rather than its usual £35/m for existing BT Broadband customers.


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