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Broadband coverage charts show more information on speeds

We have updated the donut graph on our broadband stats site to add extra segments with the aim of emphasing the levels of coverage at various speeds. Prior to this update the donut simply showed the levels of superfast coverage and the level of 'fibre' i.e. VDSL2 coverage that was not superfast followed by a grey non-fibre segment, but with the broadband universal service obligation on its way and the debates over what counts as fibre continuing we believe the new donut showing just the speeds gives a clearer picture of the state of play in different areas of the UK.

Donut chart showing different levels of broadband coverage in Gwynedd
Example of new style broadband donut, showing spread of download speeds across Gwynedd

The inclusion of 15 to 24, 10 to 15, 2 to 10 and under 2 Mbps sections means a little less number juggling is needed from those trying to see what effect the BDUK roll-outs have had. This will also be a good way of seeing if the talk of an outside in approach in programmes like the LFFN and the extra £200 million for full fibre from the budget since if truly an outside in approach is taken the red segment (i.e. slowest) should vanish first.

We did consider adding an ultrafast section to the donut but since there are still BDUK projects building and we are in the count down to reaching 97% to 98% superfast broadband coverage across the UK as a whole we have decided to leave the main green superfast segment intact.

A 97% superfast coverage target is based on the pace of roll-out based on the pace of the last 12 months should be reached in 12 months time, but if the pace of the last six months is reflective of the pace going forward we expect a date much more like March 2020. A 98% superfast coverage figure looks to a further year away.


You need to consider making the displayed figure for each segment to 3 significant figures, rather than 2, to show those under 0.1% that show as 0% at present.

I realise figures show OK on the table but people won't always look at the table!

Looks good otherwise

  • jumpmum
  • about 1 year ago

Hi Broadband Watchers. This alterations will give a much better results on the customers that are on lines that are over 1 Mile and 1610 meters from the FTTC and all in type FTTC. I think it will also identify where fibre could be provided in a cost effective way.

  • Blackmamba
  • about 1 year ago

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