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Broadband customer service ratings for September 2018 published

It is time to celebrate for some and for others to work harder at making their customers happier with various aspects of their service. We could of course keep quiet about the ratings and hand out a large trophy once a year but we would rather ensure that as much information as is possible is available to people to base their broadband switching decisions on.

Voting for each month can be done as a registered user or when your speed test has completed and in addition to the monthly summary we also show six months worth of rating for those broadband providers with enough votes. For providers without enough ratings to make the montly results a long term average is shown on each ISP summary page.

Based on Customer Service
(change since previous month)
Customer ServiceReliabilityOverall Satisfaction
AAISP 1 (=) 97.3% 96.1% 97.2%
IDNet 2 (=) 93.6% 92.7% 92.7%
Zen Internet 3 (=) 92.1% 91.5% 90%
Hyperoptic 4 (=) 86.2% 83.8% 84.8%
Plusnet 5 (+1) 75.8% 77.6% 76.0%
EE Mobile 3G/4G 6 (+1) 75.4% 70.8% 72.9%
Daisy Wholesale 7 (-2) 74.1% 73.9% 74.5%
EE (fixed line) 8 (+1) 71.9% 64.8% 65.0%
Sky 9 (+2) 68.8% 68.2% 66.4%
Vodafone Home Broadband 10 (=) 67.5% 66.0% 65.6%
BT 11 (+2) 62.5% 69.9% 67.6%
Virgin Media 12 (=) 60.2% 66.8% 66.7%
TalkTalk 13 (+1) 60% 68.0% 66.4%

The percentage score is arrived at by taking the numerous 1 to 5 star ratings that people and combining them arrive at an average where if every votes 5 stars the score will be 100% and 3 stars equates to 60%.

The ratings and speed test results for the broadband providers provide valuable information and another source of information is all the reviews people have left for their broadband providers, which can be accessed via each providers main page.

Three this month failed to make the table after appearing briefly last month and this was due to the sample size being too small, but with changes to usage allowances and the rules around tethering we believe they will appear again as more people are using 4G services from the likes of Three and EE when these are faster than their fixed line broadband options.


Is it possible to give a 0% rating using this system or is 20% (1 star) minimum?

  • Chaykin
  • 10 months ago

Not picking a rating value is considered as you having no opinion and is ignored, so pick the 1 star named bad on the speed test rating page.

If a provider does end up with scores down in the 20 to 40% region it would be fair to say we would issue a DO NOT BUY suggestion for them.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 10 months ago

I am not sure how you rank PlusNet at #5 when they still take up to 22 minutes to answer a call with an average of 50-80 calls waiting. Try looking at their own stats which they publish on their website.

  • daviem
  • 10 months ago

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