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Virgin Media doubles fibre speeds on some new connection bundles

Virgin Media periodically upgrades the speeds of some of its bundles and the latest promotion applies to those who order one of four bundles. The free speed boost offer is running until 19th November 2018.

  • VIVID 50 Broadband and phone will be delivered using VIVID 100 i.e. average download speed 108 Mbps for £27/m during the 12 month contract.
  • Player TV Bundle upgraded from VIVID 50 to VIVID 100, priced at £32/m during the 12 month contract.
  • Mix TV bundle jumps from VIVID 100 to VIVID 200, priced at £47/m during the the 12 month contract.
  • Full House TV bundle jumps from VIVID 100 to VIVID 200, priced at £57/m during the 12 month contract.

The standalone broadband options are not included in this offer.

With the Project Lightning expansion delivering cable broadband using either traditional coax or full fibre to a growing number of areas each week faster speeds at lower price points are likely to prove popular.


I believe that I am paying for "up to 350Mb" from Virgin but the speed very rarely reaches 100Mb and never reaches 120Mb. How long are these companies going to get away with exagerating the likely speeds sold to customers?

  • PCR8950
  • 9 months ago

I am on 200 but only get 20 if that!
Used to get 50 but i guess contention in my local Dslam is high!

  • omen1314
  • 9 months ago

VM has spent mega bucks expanding the network to get more customers, and peanuts by comparison on maintaining the existing network to cope with ever increasing usage, so you get congestion which results in speeds which are frequently well below what you signed up for.

Solution: keep moving house to where Project Lightning has just installed new cable and so usage is low ;-)

  • Mikejc
  • 9 months ago

I pay for up to 200 Mb/s but almost always get 220 Mb/s, when oh when will these companies deliver what we pay for??

  • radialblur
  • 9 months ago

doing it on WiFI ?

  • leexgx
  • 9 months ago

I pay for VIVID 350 but I get close to 400Mb/sec, sometimes 410Mb/sec on tests.

  • Khan
  • 9 months ago

Both POVs of view are right tbh, Virgin rolled out to my area a few years back and I went with them, for many months was very good (other than the static IP nonsense)and then all of sudden the area was over subscribed and ping was unbearable at times and made gaming and or streaming nigh on impossible, then there was the routing issue they had last christmas time, and the beginning of this year was rough, but I kept raising issues and staying in touch with VMB and they've done a fair amount of work around the Reading area and since around May-April its been pretty good again.

  • LudaLuke
  • 9 months ago

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