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Top 25 areas of the UK for full fibre broadband

Full fibre is the gold standard and is a must have for those that want to avoid those extremely dull seconds that can turn into minutes when their DSL service is flashing the sync at them.

We covered the UK hitting the 1 in 20 premises with access to fibre to the premises milestone recently and the hard 5.00% we reported from our figures has since increased to 5.02% and is set to keep increasing. Therefore to help people understand which parts of the UK have the most full fibre we are listing the two 25 local authority areas ranking in order of decreasing full fibre coverage.

RankLocal Authority% of premises with full fibre broadband option
1 City of Kingston Upon Hull 84.70%
2 East Riding of Yorkshire 39.08%
3 Cornwall 35.79%
4 Tower Hamlets 35.42%
5 City and County of the City of London 34.75%
6 York 32.79%
7 Ards and North Down 30.82%
8 Cotsworld District 29.19%
9 Spelthorne District 28.98%
10 Newham 25.44%
11 West Berkshire 24.01%
12 Waltham Forest 22.24%
13 Wandsworth 21.81%
14 Bournemouth 20.67%
15 Rutland 19.32%
16 City of Westminster 19.09%
17 Sir Ceredigion - Ceredigion 18.70%
18 Southwark 18.56%
19 Sir Yns Mon - Isle of Anglesey 18.44%
20 Powys 18.13%
21 Milton Keynes 18.12%
22 Fenland District 17.05%
23 Tewkesbury District 16.90%
24 Gwynedd 15.58%
25 South Northamptonshire 15.41%

The coverage figures are from the combined might of all the FTTP operators we are tracking, so for example Milton Keynes has 14.03% coverage from Openreach native FTTP and an additional 4.09% from the Vodafone Gigafast service and is likely to climb up this chart in the coming months. Milton Keynes should climb that chart fairly quickly now the Gigafast roll-out has started.

The presence of several Welsh council areas may surprise some, but the SuperfastCymru project did use a higher proportion of FTTP than almost any of the other BDUK phase one projects.

Competition between full fibre operators does exist e.g. areas like Newham and York have 4.39% and 4% of premises with a choice between two or more full fibre operators.

If you want to find out where your council ranks on this list then visit our stats website that has a list of all the councils and adds superfast, ultrafast coverage columns and the speed test range seen during the last quarter.


@thinkbroadband Hehe, not a surprise at all that @KCOMhome in Hull are at #1. 'Relatively' slow and steady does win…

  • @CarlTSpeak
  • comment via twitter
  • over 2 years ago

You have omitted the 5,000 property connections of B4RN in South Cumbria, North Lancashire and the Western Yorkshire Dales - why?

  • B4RN_Volunteer
  • over 2 years ago

  • J_Kafka
  • over 2 years ago

So this is what Piratization has brought us to.
what a mess, our oil, gas, water, railways, most of London, public sector housing, etc sold off to foreign-government-owned investment funds and neo-Rachmanite housing barons.
Rule Britannia? - Britannia rules the ripples on a small duck pond.

  • J_Kafka
  • over 2 years ago

The 5,000 properties of the B4rn network are spread across a number of local authority boundaries,e.g. South Cumbria, North Lancashire and the Western Yorkshire Dales so the 5,000 is spread between different councils.

Lancaster Openreach FTTP 2.07%
All operators FTTP 11.88%

This is Lancaster local authority.

Craven also shows the impact too

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 2 years ago

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