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Three new areas set to receive the CityFibre FTTP treatment announced

The next set of broad stroke locations to see the Vodafone Gigafast roll-out have been announced and residents in Cambridge, Leeds and Southend-on-Sea can start to get mildly excited and even more excited once they see the roll-out installing the fibre into their own individual street.

The news from CityFibre that the roll-out will involve an investment of £170 million suggests that if the cost per premise passed is £500 then this could be 340,000 premises but if the cost can be lowered to £300 the number of premises possible increases to around 560,000. We don't know yet what percentage coverage levels Vodafone and CityFibre are aiming for in these three new areas, the total number of premises in the three council areas is around 490,000 premises so it looks like there may be some missing out.

The press release does tease some more news on the Milton Keynes roll-out, apparently since mid-September 2018 hundreds of customers in Milton Keynes have placed orders for the Vodafone Gigafast service and that Aberdeen will start accepting orders in early November. No official figure on how many who have placed orders are actually connected and using the service.

The Gigafast footprint we have recorded as of 8th October 2018 in Milton Keynes comprises some 2,853 premises and on Monday we did look to see it it had spread to any neighbouring neighbourhoods in Milton Keynes but nothing obvious popped up.

Our roll-out is gathering pace. We have made investment commitments that will transform the digital capabilities of ten towns and cities forever. The full fibre age is taking hold across the UK and CityFibre is leading the charge. Britain should prepare for a copper-to-fibre switchover as this aging technology cannot keep up with the UK’s connectivity needs.

Greg Mesch, CEO at CityFibre

We fully agree that the roll-out is gathering pace and look forward to seeing more people recording speed tests and being able to spot new roads being added daily to our coverage tracking but for now while CityFibre is part of the full fibre age the pace is not enough to say they are leading the charge, they need to surpass the footprint of Openreach native FTTP, Hyperoptic, Virgin Media (RFOG), KCom Lightstream, Gigaclear and many others to truly hold the leading the charge trophy.


The cannot really say they are leading the charge until their increase in coverage per month exceeds the higher of Openreach or Virgin Media ( RFOG).

To lead the charge you have to be going faster than the rest not just talking about it so at least 10000 a week should be their target rate.

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  • 8 months ago

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