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Openreach Ultrafast footprint now at 1.5 million premises

The switch over from the focus being superfast broadband to ultrafast broadband is ever more apparent as we have now found 1.5 million premises where either Openreach or FTTP is available. Just 8 days ago we covered the 1.4 million milestone and thought at the time that it would be a couple of weeks for the 1.5 million mark to be reached but it turned out to be just 8 days.

The total we have on our tracking system is 1,506,529 premises which is made up of 604,193 FTTP and 902,336 premises. One of the larger areas added was Shepherds Bush with some 49 pods spotted as live and we know of 3,096 pods across the UK.

The rate of change for FTTP is below the 10,000 or so mentioned in the Openreach press releases but is rising making it clear that there has been am improvement in the delivery rate and that with the lag involved in spotting the full fibre which is much more spread out and thus a lot harder to spot we will hopefully in a month or two be seeing a change of 10,000 per week. One of the most recent areas to see additional FTTP was Hugo Street in Moston which was additional coverage on what looks to be a Redrow housing development.


I wish they would stick their footprints in my front lawn, its so depressing that I keep seeing all these stories of building better fibre on top of existing fibre and Im still stuck in the dark ages. I dont live in a field, im surrounded by FTTP, FTTC, Virgin all within spitting distance, even the cab next to mine was done, its a pair of ex-TPON's serving one estate, they did one and not the other 1ft away.

  • rolandrat
  • 9 months ago

Andrew, I suspect there are many more G-Fast two exchange areas of Cardiff have just gone live and other parts of the city may also be covered. I have e-mailed you the areas I am aware of that are not yet on the map, could add another 20k.

  • jumpmum
  • 9 months ago

What has G.Fast got to do with FTTP? I thought it still used copper which was slow and not ultrafast. I.E terrible upload speeds?

  • doowles
  • 9 months ago

Clearly is not FTTP and I don't believe we ever do claim that is it.

The upload speeds on are inline with the Openreach FTTP services of the same speeds and are faster than the Virgin Media cable services. does have a very short reach, and that is accounted for in the stats.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 9 months ago

Just ordered Gfast today with a projected download of 150 Mb/sec and 28 Mb/sec upload. cabinet 150 metres away.

  • nervous
  • 9 months ago

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