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Sky to steer people to fastest VDSL2 service with lower pricing

Sky has shuffled around the products it promotes and as such no-one is meant to talk about the old Sky Fibre service anymore.

The aim seems to be get as many people as possible to upgrade to the faster product tier i.e. the 80/20 service rather than the cheaper 40/10 service. The Sky Fibre Max service is now on offer for £27/m rather than the standard £43.99/m with an 18 month contract, £9.95 one-off cost and the sweetner that is the £50 prepaid MasterCard for customers new to Sky.

The average download speed at peak times is still showing as 63 Mbps which would be pretty impossible if all those who could not get beyond a 40 Mbps sync speed were added to the service and a test order in a slower location reveals the following:

Example of order in a sub 30 Mbps area on Sky website
Example of what happens when you try to order a Sky Fibre Max service in an area where your estimated speeds suggest you will not get the faster speeds

As the image above shows they will give you the option of the old Sky Fibre service and at a lower price point of £20/m, though the £50 activation fee offsets some of the lower cost. This will allow them to keep the average advertised speed at 63 Mbps and shows one of the flaws of the new ASA/CAP speed rules.

Another likely reason that jumped out at us was the discount scheme offered by Openreach, which was designed to create these sort of changes, i.e. getting more people onto the faster products and it is now just a matter of time before we learn about or FTTP package pricing from Sky.


The sad thing is people will go for this and expect these speeds, even if they can not get them. also sky seems top be pushing their customers on ADSL to fibre. i know of someone on sky ADSL and Sky seems to be constantly on their back to update to Fibre, which they have no interest in doing as they get a good ADSL speed since they are almost on the doorstep of the exchange. Companies need to stop pushing people
A higher package would be no good to me, i get 35Mb/s. Not that i am planning to change anyway.

  • zyborg47
  • 8 months ago

And those of us who should get a faster speed but are currently syncing below max on a 40/10 service can't take advantage of the offer so stay paying more for less (or at worse the same).

New customers only...?

  • cmrayer
  • 8 months ago

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