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Alcatel exchange firmware upgrade - update

Solwise have informed us that BT has requested that the list of users with problems since the Alcatel upgrades be opened again. Admittedly it is for a short time, BT wants to collect as many sets of details as possible before 5:30pm today.

The problem is generally affecting users with the SAR-715 modem, but there are a few other modems based around the Globespan chipset that are having problems.

If you are affected and have not previously contacted Solwise then email [email protected]. You will need to include information to identify your line to BT, these include name, telephone number of the ADSL line, exchange name and ISP. If you happen to know your CBUK number that will prove handy too. Alternatively you can call Solwise at 0845 458 4558.

Hopefully the exchanges will get the fixes applied over the next few days and people will be able to get back online.


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