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Vodafone releases pricing for its full fibre service starting at just £23/m

  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018 10:09 AM

The Vodafone Gigafast service which is starting to be available to order in Milton Keynes and should be in available in places like Aberdeen very soon now has some pricing and it should prove attractive for those wanting to upgrade for more speed or even just save some money compared to their existing VDSL2 service.

The new pricing has four different speed points which explains the speed tests we have seen from Milton Keynes, though as yet most are not as symmetric as the plans suggest, but this may be due to Wi-Fi, so far the users we have seen appear to be on the Gigafast 200 and Gigafast 500 services with the later showing good symmetry.

All prices shown are for existing Vodafone mobile customers, those without a Vodafone phone contract pay an extra £5/m

  • Gigafast 100, average speed 100 Mbps, £23/m
  • Gigafast 200, average speed 200 Mbps, £28/m
  • Gigafast 500, average speed 500 Mbps, £33/m
  • Gigafast 900, average speed 900 Mbps, £43/m

For those living in Milton Keynes they can pre-order from 8.30am on Friday 14th September and this will save them the £49 installation fee, but this only applies to certain areas and the offer ends on 30th September 2018. The contract is 18 months long, and once you have gone to full fibre it is very unlikely that you will ever move back to a DSL based service.

The service still includes a phone line, but rather than the traditional copper this will be a VoIP service running over the fibre optics and for those that still make phone calls on their landline this will be reassuring and the usual evening and weekend or anytime call packages are available.

The price points place the 100 Mbps service smack in the middle of the sweet spot for FTTC/VDSL2 services, so with the right marketing it is likely Vodafone will see reasonable levels of take-up very quickly, though given may still be in the middle of the minimum term of a contract switching is going to be a slow process. Keeping the public in a contract is something providers have started to try and do for the last year or two, both to reduce churn but also to avoid a massed exodus in areas like Milton Keynes.

The real test of the popularity of full fibre services will be when they roll-out to areas with Virgin Media available, the bundling of lots of TV channels and keen retention deals may make tempting people away from Virgin Media much harder - unless the new full fibre services really do deliver the full hope and provide ideal latency for gamers especially when they are also doing things like twitch streaming.


I’d be very interested in this - I particularly want faster upload.

I’m not in a coverage area and highly doubt Vodafone or anyone else will be rushing to cover this area with such speeds but on registering my interest via their form all I ever get is:

“Sorry there was an error, please try again.
The contact number must be between 9 and 11 digits.”

The info in the form was correct, and I’ve tried a few times.

  • fenlandbroadband
  • 10 months ago

Don't put spaces or punctuation into the contact number. Ensure no trailing space either.

  • CarlThomas
  • 10 months ago

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