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TalkTalk Faster Fibre just got faster

The impact of the ASA/CAP rule changes on broadband speeds in advertising continue with the new rules meaning broadband listings and adverts are meant to show the throughput speed between 8pm and 10pm for the service we can expect changes to continue.

TalkTalk is the latest broadband provider to tweak the speeds in its adverts and package listings with the Faster Fibre service which is based around FTTC 40/10 product has seen its average peak time speed figure increase from 35 Mbps to 36 Mbps. This means Vodafone is the only one of the larger providers to not sell its entry level FTTC service with a speed of 36 Mbps.

For customers on the service we should highlight that nothing is changing, you are not going to be going faster as a result of this change, it is purely that the measuring and analysis done by TalkTalk is showing a higher speed.

The 40/10 FTTC services used to advertise with an up to speed of 38 Mbps prior to May 2018, which was meant to be the speed that the top 10% saw, so with a peak time speed that 50% of people can get at 36 Mbps on that service there is very little change really. The price Virgin Media has that it was able to increase speeds under the new rules was helped by them increasing the over provisioning margins and by using national data in line with all the other providers it is easy to mask the levels of congestion especially if using a monitored base of just a few hundred well known connections i.e. a user experiencing two or three evenings of very poor performance in a month with the rest of the month at normal speeds will get lost in the way the statistics are compiled.


I suppose people are getting paid good money to come up with schemes which only serve to tell me I'm getting 1/6th of average speed.

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  • 11 months ago

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