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New Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

We presume the brexit inspired musical chairs is over and that Margot James MP remains as Minister of State at DCMS but Matt Hancock MP who previously had that job and was promoted to Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in January 2018 has been reshuffled to replace Mr Jeremy Hunt MP as health secretary with the vacant post left at DCMS  filled by Jeremy Wright QC MP on the evening of 9th July.

The DCMS Secretary of State is the MP for Kenilworth and Southam which is in Warwickshire and is currently tracking at 90% superfast coverage (over 24 Mbps) so hopefully broadband will remain clearly on the agenda along with all the other 'ministry of fun' activities.

We did try to follow the new Secretary of State but alas it appears he does not have an active twitter or instagram account, which is not a great start given how important social media can be for keeping in touch these days and making full use of  the opportunities broadband can provide is an important part of the DCMS activities, both to show engagement but even more importantly to stay abreast of what is happening to ensure judgements of what is positive and negative is informed by much more than the opinion of the biggest lobbyists.

Update 11:55pm Jeremy Wright QC MP does it seem have an twitter account but it is not verified and has been dormant since April 2015 (@JeremyWrightPPC) and appears to be stem from the 2015 General Election when he was standing as a parliamentary candidate for Kenilworth and Southam. He does have a website at and is on facebook (@JeremyWrightMP).


I should imagine that Nigel Huddleston MP @HuddlestonNigel will have Jeremy Wright's twitter account sorted by tonight.

  • Skybeam
  • over 2 years ago

Pathetic when they can't even use social media

  • doowles
  • over 2 years ago

@doowles - Not sure why its Pathetic if someone chooses not to use Social Media (I say "Chooses not to" as he has a website, which has been updated, so its not left dormant.

Social Media isn't (despite what some people may think) a pre-requisite of life :-)

  • haydnwalker
  • over 2 years ago

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