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£25/m offer on TalkTalk 63 Mbps average download FTTC service

The TalkTalk Fibre Large or Unlimited Faster Fibre with Speed Boost service is on special offer of £25/m for an 18 month contract and includes the usual TalkTalk fixed price guarantee during the minimum term. The setup fee is just £9.95 which covers the delivery of the equipment, i.e. the new Wi-Fi hub. Offer ends on 12th July 2018.

The service is based on the 80/20 FTTC/VDSL2 service and delivers 63 Mbps average download speeds with 17 Mbps average upload speeds in terms of the peak time UK wide average.

The fixed price guarantee is designed to give the public confidence that the broadband costs are not going to change and if a better offer appears at a later date a unique feature of the guarantee is that existing customers should be able to sign-up to the new deal in exchange for a contract extension.


You might need to open a private browsing window to be offered the deal at the link.

I tried (with normal browser window) and the price was £27.50, though that did not appear to
require a setup fee. With private browsing (i.e. no saved cookies) it was £25 + setup fee.

  • ayeomans
  • 8 months ago

Tried to get this offer but they absolutely refused saying it's only for new customers or those adding the "fibre boost". Since I am an existing customer with fibre boost the best offer I got was a free new wi-fi hub but £1.50 a month more for 18 months. No thanks.

  • ianterry
  • 8 months ago

I have just come off a 45 min call with their tech support, been with TT for over 6 years and went onto fibre approx 2010 and faster fibre as soon it was available. The speed has been going down from the high 50’s to mid 40’s Mbit in the last 2years. Now I am being told that’s the max they have to provide is 20 Mbit! Their customer service managers staff are not good

  • jonsco
  • 8 months ago

Keep getting these Offers, which are meaningless when translated into reality.
1. These drags one into more and complicated deals. 2. If TalkTalk can't improve on the existing systems integrity and faults, I find that a bloody cheek in coming out with deals which lead the unsuspecting to a quagmire.
My efforts to speak with someone with authority, understanding of the English Language , not nasally spoken Philipino or South Arican American accents, which amounts to Gobbledegook, nothing will improve with Customer relationship.

So , all should cease to be customers.

  • Jyotish
  • 8 months ago

I'm with Uno who use TalkTalk for their backhaul and I've found the same over the last few months in that speeds are dropping. I've an 80/20 sync, that's never varied, and where anytime day or night I would get ~75Mbps, now the single threaded test is around 50Mbps, and during the test it can drop down pretty low, and the x6 test will never ever go higher than ~70Mbps, and often around 65-69Mbps. It's like they've permanently reduced the maximum speed on their network. Even in the dead of night it isn't much better.

  • philipd
  • 8 months ago

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