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Over 24,000 premises in Bangor Northern Ireland now with ultrafast broadband access

The Project Lightning roll-out in Bangor, Northern Ireland is something we have been tracking since December 2017 in terms of adding the coverage for premises and today Virgin Media is declaring that over 24,000 premises have the ultrafast broadband options from the cable provider.

We are delighted that local residents and businesses can now start to benefit from the boost our ultrafast broadband will give them. Giving them greater speeds will enable them to do the things they need to do and love doing morequickly and more easily.

Conor Harrison, Regional Director for Northern Ireland at Virgin Media

Our figures are a little down as we have over 17,000 premises counted as passed but a quick look at the area suggests several areas with live customers that are not in our availability data, the resolution of those missing will happen over the course of the next week. In terms of the speeds, the median speed for the council area of Ards and North Down that Bangor is in had a median download of 24.8 Mbps and some 19.7% of tests were from Virgin Media customers who had already signed up and the median for them was 45.4 Mbps. The median may seem low when the cable provider does sell a 350 Mbps service but the majority still buy the slower products and Wi-Fi performance also slows down the speeds we see since so for so many a phone or tablet is their primary use of the service.

Once we have narrowed down the current 8,000 premises gap in our figures we should see the area with an ultrafast coverage of around 34 to 35%.


Great to see them infilling old areas in Derry-Londonderry too they missed back in the Cabletel/NTL days.

  • BuckleZ
  • 8 months ago

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