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AAISP IDNet and Hyperoptic top the customer service battle for May 2018

We started publishing a monthly round-up of the thousands of ratings that our site visitors provide last month and now that June is underway it is time to look at what everyone rated for the three criteria of customer service, reliability and overall satisfaction when voting in May.

You may ask, why is my provider not listed? The answer is simple if we don't see enough votes then they won't make the table.

You may even disagree with the ratings given, in that case we urge you to rate the provider so that in the next month you know for sure your opinion is included. Rating is easy, if you have not already rated in a month the broadband speed test will ask you at the end of the test, or registered site users can rate connections they have defined in their profile.

Our compare tool will additionally let you see the trend over a 6 month period. Remember the percentage scores are a translation from the rating out of 5 that everyone gives, so to get a top score of 100% everyone would need to score 5 out 5, if for some reason everyone voting for an ISP scored 4 out of 5 you would see a percentage of 80%.

Based on Customer Service
Customer ServiceReliabilityOverall Satisfaction
AAISP 1 97.1% 96.3% 97%
IDNet 2 94.8% 91% 92.6%
Hyperoptic 3 90.6% 89% 90.1%
Gigaclear 4 90.6% 87.4% 90.4%
Zen Internet 5 90% 88.5% 87.7%
Eclipse Internet 6 90% 89.7% 88.6%
Plusnet 7 76.1% 77.7% 75.9%
Daisy Wholesale 8 74.9% 73.2% 73.2%
EE Mobile 9 73.5% 68% 70.5%
KCOM 10 72% 81.8% 82.1%
EE (fixed line) 11 70.2% 66% 65.3%
Sky 12 69.9% 70.1% 66.9%
Vodafone Broadband (fixed line) 13 67.4% 68.8% 69.1%
Three Mobile 14 66.7% 66.2% 65.9%
Virgin Media 15 63.9% 68.4% 68.9%
BT 16 61.8% 70% 67.4%
TalkTalk 17 57.9% 64.1% 63.5%
Origin Broadband 18 53.6% 53.1% 53.1%
Post Office 19 51.8% 52.2% 49.4%

The observant may have spotted we are now rounding to 1 decimal place rather than the integer we used last month.

It is often said that smaller providers do better when the public are scoring for customer service, but as the table shows when there does seem to be a strong cluster of high scores in the top six positions there are smaller providers at the foot of the table too.

The individual provider pages also show a 5 five rating which is a combined result over a number of months, hence why providers who have not made the table do sometimes have a score e.g. Community Fibre a FTTP operator in London is showing 4.5 stars out of five, indicating a percentage score around 90%. Towards the other end of the scale there is Demon with 2.5 stars out of 5 (i.e. around 50%).


@thinkbroadband Virgin are bottom of the pack for me. Getting them to close a street cab to stop kids pulling cable…

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