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Development manager appointed by CityFibre for Aberdeen full fibre roll-out

The CityFibre roll-out in Aberdeen now has a dedicated development manager in the form Allan McEwan ahead of the transformation of Aberdeen with a £40 million full fibre roll-out.

Allan’s knowledge of Aberdeen is first rate and I can think of nobody better placed to lead the roll out of our ‘Fibre to the Premises’ programme, which will see CityFibre invest £40m into the city. He will be a huge asset, helping Aberdeen to harness the positive impact this investment will have on the city’s digital future.

Rob Hamlin, Commercial Director, CityFibre

Allan is a gradudate from Robert Gordon University and has also worked as a Senior Business Development Manager within Petrofac (provider of services to the oil and gas industry).

Aberdeen was the second Gigabit city that is part of the Vodafone ultrafast broadband roll-out and the first in Scotland which was announced back in February and with around 118,000 premises is a signifcant chunk of the 1 million premises footprint that Vodafone are committed to.

We responded to the PR with the obvious question of when will the first consumers in Aberdeen actually be able to order the service and just before we hit the publish button we had our response: "We’ll be announcing the build start shortly – service roll out timelines will come next!".

In terms of scaling the roll-out to much larger areas, it will be interesting to see if every Gigabit City gets the same development manager treatment or whether staff will relocate as roll-outs shift around the UK. There are further  vacancies to be filled to support the roll-out in Aberdeen and a move of the local staff to a larger office at Charter House in Aberdeen is planned. The list of current vacancies suggests that we are still in the early stages so any significant sized delivery in residential areas is some way away: City Delivery Manager, Activations Manager, Administrator Support, Activation Supervisor, Construction Supervisor, GIS Technician, FTTP/Metro Construction Supervisor, Delivery Project Manager, Field Services Supervisor. Milton Keynes has a similar list of 14 vacancies, and


Same as every other cityfibre press release then. Not even started digging yet!

  • doowles
  • 10 months ago

I'm in Aberdeen. Not holding my breath though.

  • g6urp
  • 9 months ago

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