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Another 3,000 Gigabit-ready premises in Blackpool

Blackpool has been enjoying the roll-out from Virgin Media with Project Lightning and the firm says that in the last its roll-out has transformed "the quality of broadband in the area where the average (median) download speed was just 24.4Mbps".

"We are delighted that even more Blackpool residents can now benefit from the boost our amazingly fast broadband will give to their lives. Our ultrafast broadband services will allow them to do the things they need to do and love doing more quickly and more easily.

Paul Hutchinson, Regional Director at Virgin Media

A quick look at our coverage tracking shows the Blackpool District Council has seen an additional 2,000 premises of Virgin Media DOCSIS/RFOG coverage in the last 12 months and a further check shows that it looks like we will shortly be adding around 500 to 1,000 more premises as there seems to be coverage around the Knowle Avenue area that we have not added to our systems yet.

The Gigabit-ready headline is interesting as it shows that DOCSIS 3.1 is not totally forgotten, we suspect that once the Vodafone/City Fibre partnership starts to deliver or consumer grade Openreach Gigabit services appear that Virgin Media will shift towards an uber premium Gigabit option.

The 24.4 Mbps median speed is from the Ofcom Connected Nations report which is based on connection speed records from the major providers and looking at our actual speed test data we see Blackpool with a median download in Q1 2018 of 23.5 Mbps (upload 4.9 Mbps) and 29.7% of the tests seen were on the Virgin Media network - the median download from the cable customers was 51.6 Mbps (6 Mbps upload).


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