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Fancy ADSL for £12.95 a month?

Yes, there really is someone advertising a service at that price, ISPReview picked up on this offer earlier today. After the problems with ET Global Solutions it seems an offer too good to be true.

The service is based around a 12 month contract and you must buy the modem package that they provide. John Nicholas, the MD of WorldDomain who are the people behind the ISP states that this rock bottom pricing will be backed by other premium services. In addition, there is a profit margin built into the activation and hardware costs.

The pricing looks almost suicidal and time will be the ultimate judge of the service. For now one thing appears to look OK, in that their website asks for people to register due to limited availability. Hopefully a registration system will avoid problems of too many people applying and no-one getting a service provisioned.

If you have followed the US market, the moves to lower headline pricing and cross subsidise services is something that was rife throughout the country. For many people this worked out just fine, but the casualty rate amongst small providers unable to sustain the losses was high.


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