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Pipex suffers a blip in performance has information on the problem that has plagued a sizeable proportion of Pipex users over the last couple of days.

At present it appears that there is no concrete cause for the problem - the various DSLAM upgrades and noise of normal faults may be confusing things. The advice to users is to disconnect and reconnect the service, in other words to unplug the ADSL modem from the phone line and then plug it all back in and try to reconnect.

After a period of relatively good service, these problems highlight some of the problems of reaching Pipex technical support with lots of users calling for weekend or 24/7 support. The downside of this would be that it would eat heavily into the small margins of the product. That said it appears that Pipex could have done better with announcements in the message queue system and more rapid updates to their online status pages.


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