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Plusnet drops Unlimited Fibre Extra price, now from £27.50 a month

It is the first day of summer and amidst the current summer storms there is some good news for those hunting around for a cheap broadband deal as Plusnet has improved its offers for new customers until 4th June, though there has been a shift from 12 to 18 month contracts.

The 'from' is as usual referring to the headline pricing that refers to the price in low cost areas, check via the link on each product to get the offer and also see what speeds and pricing will be for you home.

Line rental saver which is pre-paying 12 months of voice line rental in a lump sum of £197.88, giving a monthly equivalent of £16.49. Factor in the reward card and the price of the ADSL2+ service for many works out at just £10.24 a month, which is stupidly cheap broadband and ideal for those who get speeds over ADSL2+ sufficient for their needs.


The offer only last for another 4 days, and oddly was not more in high cost area I tried

  • Michael_Chare
  • 10 months ago

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