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An end in sight with ET Global Solutions

We ran a news item last Friday, seeking the people who are having problems with this new Service Provider. A number of people came forward who had placed orders and as yet nothing in terms of visible progression towards receiving a service had been made.

Generally as far as the people who contacted us are concerned, no great progress was made this last week. I have had some difficulty contacting the company, but managed to speak with Don Day today.

The upshot of this is they have now set themselves a deadline of Tuesday to get everything sorted and the actual orders placed with their Wholesale provider. The process of passing the orders across to the company that actually places the orders with BT Wholesale has been the sticking point at present. ET Global Solutions are saying this should be fully resolved in one to two weeks.

So what is happening, well if you are having problems there is a new number to phone for users specifically with problems:

ET Global Solutions: 0161 628 7654
[email protected]

At this time we see 3 courses of action:
(a) Contact ETG and cancel any order and arrange for a refund.
(b) Confirm the order information and wait for them to provision a service.
(c) Pursue the matter via your credit card company and obtain a refund that way.

ET Global Solutions accepts the situation is far from great and at this time wants to try and ensure that people get what they want or their money back.

In terms of the current situation things are a mess, billing runs seem to have occurred twice but with no actual provision of service. A lack of contactability and positive action has compounded the situation leaving people with a sour taste. Some will conclude that this was bound to happen with such a low price point, it is a shame that people appear to be right. Lets hope that once this current situation can be resolved and customers find ADSL happiness through either ETG or another provider.

We have been informed by ETG that they do have customers online. If you are one of these then pop into our forums and let people know what the service is like.


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