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ISPA needs you to nominate an Internet Hero

The 20th ISPA Awards take place on 12th July in Manchester and it is time now to submit your nominations before the end of May in the Internet Hero category.

As our longest running category, the Internet Hero Award provides an excellent opportunity to recognise the work done by individuals and organisations to improve the industry, whilst reflecting on the serious issues we have faced. We ask the public to have a think about who they would like to see take home the much-coveted Internet Hero Award in 2018.

ISPA Secretary General, Nicholas Lansman

Nominations can be for an individual or an organisation that has made a real difference to helping the internet industry or online world. To make a nomination you can email [email protected] or if you don't the nomination being public you can tweet @ISPAUK with the hashtag #InternetHero.

This category once nominations are closed will be judged by the ISPA Council and we have not forgotten to mention the Internet Villain category since this slightly panto category has been dropped.


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