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ISPs are given Todmorden deadline

BT Wholesale has officially informed the ISPs of the procedure for converting the registrations into advance orders and set a date of October 22nd 2002 for when the 6 week order period will end.

Once the 22nd occurs BT Wholesale will review the numbers of advance orders and if sufficient orders are received then the exchange will be enabled. If the number of orders is too low then BT may increase the registration threshold on that exchange and wait on ISPs collecting more registrations.

If BT Wholesale is happy with the number of advance orders then the ISPs taking part will be asked to convert the advance order into an order. This means that an advance order is not a contractual obligation but a sign of intent. There are risks for an ISP, if they consistently fail to convert the advance orders into true orders within 3 months of an exchange actually getting enabled, the ISP will be struck from the registration scheme. This firmly puts the ball into the ISPs court to check that the majority of people placing advance orders are happy to actually order some sort of ADSL service when the time comes.

The notice from BT Wholesale does not mention the 75% registration to order conversion level which BT has previously talked about. Could it be there is some flexibility now or will the people convinced that BT do not want to enable any exchanges be proved right.


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