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Guest Wi-Fi network arrives on BT Business Smart Hub

Guest Wi-Fi networks are pretty common on third party routers but the Guest Wi-Fi that has launched for BT Business customers with a Business Smart Hub 6 tunnels the traffic so that in addition to the Wi-Fi network being distinct from the businesses own network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) the Internet traffic while on the same physical line is seen as coming from a distinct BT Wi-Fi IP address. Content filtering is enabled, helping to ensure that malicious or illegal content is blocked, though as always its impossible to block everything.

We’re addressing the cyber security and legal risks of doing so by providing a Guest Wi-Fi service which is completely ring-fenced from companies’ private networks. Small firms benefit from greater security, content controls and better broadband performance, while at the same time giving their customers a faster, more convenient and secure way to get online with every visit to the business.

Mike Tomlinson, managing director for SMEs for BT Business and Public Sector

A maximum of 13 people can connect via the Guest Wi-Fi network and 80% of the connections bandwidth is reserved for the business so the impact on broadband speeds will be controlled. People with the BT Wi-Fi app will connect automatically when in range, but for the more average visitor there is a simple Get Online button on the landing page for the network. As always the same rules apply as when using Wi-Fi that is open and unencrypted i.e. assume someone is reading it hence why business travellers ensure they are using a virtual private network and encrypted email access.

For those wanting to find out more visit There should be posters and stickers available so that people sat in reception or using a shop can see you have a guest network available but as of 4pm these do not appear to be available.


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