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BT Wholesale officially announces Todmorden

BT Wholesale has made available a press release on its website here that covers the news of Todmorden breaking its trigger level yesterday.

Bruce Standford (BT Wholesale director) attributes some of the increased demand in the last week or two to the start of the national newspaper advertising and the fact that Todmordens local community website has heavily promoted the registration scheme.

The press release does not address the questions people are having with regards to what happens now, but we would expect that now the official release is out that ISPs will hear from BT Wholesale later today.

In some respects, a rollout where exchanges are only enabled when there are high demand levels should be easier to manage since BT will know about all of the initial orders, so it should be simpler to enable a batch of ADSL lines. Why? Because rather than an engineer doing one or two lines each day for a month, once the exchange is commissioned, they can sit down and do them all in the matter of a few days.

Perhaps in 6 months people will view the demand tracker in a differnet light, because if BT start regularly enabling exchanges most of the doubt will evaporate. With BT chasing a target of 1 million ADSL users during 2003, doing the exchanges in order of user demand should make that target easier to reach.

Also now that BT Retail, AOL and Freeserve have started pushing their broadband services, we should see more of the non 'early adopter' market looking at broadband, and pushing demand up in non-enabled areas. These areas are currently a great untapped reserve of Internet users and if BT Wholesale get the bulk of users, the various LLU providers will be just left with the small minorities that BT are currently avoiding.


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