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£100, £150 and £175 rewards on BT Broadband services

The competition is fierce in the retail sector to get customers to sign up to broadband for the first time or to get people to switch providers and for once the highest value BT Reward Cards are coinciding with low cost up front fees on most of the services.

Three values of prepaid MasterCard are available, £100 on the ADSL2+ services, £150 on Infinity up to 52 Mbps and £175 on the Infinity 2 or better services. Remember to claim your reward once the service has gone live. All the current offers expire on 15th March and are based around 18 month contracts for new customers.

  • Unlimited BT Broadband up to 17 Mbps ADSL2+ based service, £100 reward, £23.99/m and £19.99 setup cost. Standard price of £42.99/m
  • Unlimited BT Infinity up to 52 Mbps FTTC (or FTTP if available), £150 reward, £29.99/m and £9.99 setup cost. Standard price £41.99/m.
  • Unlimited BT Infinity 2 up to 76 Mbps FTTC (or FTTP if available), £175 reward, £39.99/m and £9.99 setup cost. Standard price  £56.49/m.

The reward cards are carried across to the BT TV services.

For existing customers while the rewards will not be available if you are paying the standard price check your BT account online to see if any price offers exist in return for starting another minimum term, or the do the old fashioned thing and phone them up to see if a deal can be struck.


Should probably note that these offers are online only so bear that in mind.

  • Purplemonkeyspa
  • 9 months ago

Should also add that if you don't follow the link in the article buy manually type a URL you may see different price offers too

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 9 months ago

Is this article what is known as product placement?

Anyway, i have a tried to get BT fibre but each time they cancel my order, as there is no capacity at my exchange. However, when i called to find out the state of play they did say they could disconnect my Plusnet fibre for another customer, and then i MIGHT be connected within 14 days if a slot becomes available. Really helpful.

Absolute shower of shit.

  • Alucidnation
  • 9 months ago

@Alucidnation - the 'capacity issue' excuse your being given, could be total crap?
If you're with Plusnet Fibre ALREADY, and were/are trying to switch to BT (like for like), then there shouldn't be a 'capacity' issue? But then not sure I totally understand your comment, so I might be wrong in your case?

  • ittechjb007
  • 9 months ago

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