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Hull hits 75% milestone as KCom announce April roll-out

This week has seen KCom announce the phase 12 of its Lightstream roll-out that is eventually set to reach all of their footprint in Hull and East Riding, to name a few of the roads that will benefit as part of the April 2018 phase Falkland Road, Hemswell Avenue, Staveley Road and Wexford Avenue.

The other news is that the lightstream footprint has now reached 148,137 premises and this means in the City of Kingston upon Hull coverage is at 75.5% and while KCom does cross over into the East Riding of Yorkshire the latest roll-out did not increase the full fibre presence from its current 37%. The coverage includes new postcodes but we have not totaled up the number of premises in the new postcodes for the Hull area so the numbers are likely to be even closer to the end of 2017 150,000 figure in reality.

Postcodes with Lightstream coverage in KCom area
Map of postcodes where KCom Lightstream full fibre service is available

The full fibre (FTTP) picture in the UK continues its upward path, with us tracking a total footprint of 1,026,003 premises, with the Openreach GEA-FTTP footprint comprising some 481,827 premises.


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