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NOW TV broadband setup reduced to £9.99 on 12 month contracts

The reduction in setup fee means that if you join NOW TV with a 12 month contract you just need to pay the £9.99 postage and packing cost, saving £15 over the usual up front cost and this offer runs until 22nd March 2018. The monthly costs are unchanged as follows:

  • The Speed Demon, FTTC based service up to 76 Mbps down, up to 19 Mbps up, £35/m for 12 months. Standard price £43.99.
  • The Everyday Surfer, FTTC based service up to 38 Mbps down, up to 9.5 Mbps up, £25/m for 12 months. Standard price £35.99.
  • The Super Save, ADSL2+ based service with up to 17 Mbps downloads, £18/m for 12 months. Standard price £25.99.

For those who want flexibility 1 month contracts are still available, but cost £59.99 (i.e. £50 set up fee and £9.99 P&P).

NOW TV passes can be added as you want and for those stuck at home and bored of playing in the snow, why not sign up for a 1 month free trial of the Entertainment and Sky Cinema Pass and you can get 5 months of the Kids Pass for just £5. If you don't take the £5 Kids Pass offer, there is still a 14 day free trial for all three passes, but remember unless you cancel you will be charged the standard monthly rates once the trial expires. There are also other offers for new customers who are happy to commit for longer periods e.g. 6 months of Entertainment and Sky Cinema for just £51 a saving of 50% over the standard prices.


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