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TalkTalk embraces the price war with Vodafone

For those on a tight budget and looking to switch provider the latest price offers from TalkTalk are incredibly tempting, the offers are available until 28th March 2018 and are fixed price contracts for the 12 month minimum term and as per the rules include voice line rental.

  • Fast Broadband ADSL2+, £17/m for 12 months, no setup fee
  • Faster Fibre Broadband, £22.50/m for 12 months, no setup fee, up to 38 Mbps downloads with up to 9.5 Mbps upload via VDSL2.
  • Fibre Large Broadband, £25/m for 12 months, no setup fee, up to 76 Mbps downloads with up to 19 Mbps uploads via VDSL2.
  • TV with Faster Fibre broadband, £29.50/m for 12 months, £25 TV box cost. Includes the TV Select Boost which adds extra channels and is usually £7/m.
  • TV Plus with Faster Fibre Broadband, £29.50/m for 12 months, £50 TV box cost with full PVR functions. Includes the TV Select Boost usually £7/m.

For existing TalkTalk customers the way the fixed price guarantee works is that even if you are in contract you can usually signup for a contract extension and price match the latest offers, so with a little work even existing customers we believe can benefit from the latest offer.


If Talk Talk was £10 a month i would not use them.
I bet we get their sales reps now back in town pestering people again.

  • zyborg47
  • 10 months ago

Oh look zyborg47/Adrian trolling a TalkTalk article, what a surprise! Not.

  • baby_frogmella
  • 10 months ago

Think I'll be signing up for this, my present deal ends soon and this is similar price.

  • burble
  • 10 months ago

Been with TalkTalk for over 12 years and I get twice the fibre speed that my neighbour with Plusnet gets. It even comes up the same underground cable so the only difference is the provider. I have been getting 37Mbps for over a year with only one or two problems but that affected the whole street.

  • malcolmv
  • 10 months ago

I get 73MB/s using cable but there WiFI is rubbish capped to 40MB/s. CS is useless it’s like taking to a young child. Off script they don’t have a clue. My contact is up next Month I will be moving.

  • 2bagstew
  • 10 months ago

Moved to TT about 1 year ago on their 35Mb arrangement, using a special deal on The Big Deal website, after getting frustrated with BT's high and ever-increasing pricing. So far, quite reliable. But, as its really on the same cabling as BT anyway, it still seems to sometimes suffer the same late-afternoon irregularities that the BT ADSL and Fibre service has done - probably congestion when the local kids get home from school.

The Big Deal contract was for £25/month for 18 months, but with all UK landline calls included for free a well. So all that does rather save a bunch.

  • PJHB
  • 10 months ago

Many people can't afford more expensive broadband with better support, so these low price deals are great for them, just a pain when there is a problem.


How do you know you're neighbour hasn't got a problem with their line, or it may contain aluminium,there are lots of possible reasons their speed is lower than yours. Just because it comes up in the same place doesn't mean all other things are equal.

Only potential problem with PN is likely to be if they have set the profile rate incorrectly.

  • R0NSKI
  • 10 months ago

Talk talk's network is Bt Cockroach. It's managed , throttled and generally awful. They don't have their own fibre network like Vodafone has . If Talk Talk was .75p a month it would be too much. They will be gone within 2 years have you seen their churn rate it's worse than BT .

  • Marlon88
  • 10 months ago

Competition makes the world go round. At my exchange I can choose BB or TT for LLU. BT was slow, ponderous and frequently dropped out. TT has been stable and improving. I am ADSL2+ running at max line can handle now. A PN switch would slow me down according to PN speed suggester. TT staff can be managed to advantage. It is in the technique. Experience of dealing with foreign cultures when in the day job has helped. Patience and determination are required. Retired now I have the time to my financial advantage but TT's improvements have reduced previous ongoing gains!

  • BBSlowcoach
  • 10 months ago

I used to have TT, but suffered to much with peak time congestion, and it was impossible to get their support to even realise what the problem was. That was TT usingm BT infrastructure as there is no LLU on the exchange which only offers ADSLMAX, though the availability checker has been saying that ADSL2+ will be available in a rolling month since last august.

  • brianhe
  • 10 months ago

@malcolmv, my next door neighbour is on BT and get 24Mb/s it they are lucky, I am Plusnet and get 39, sometimes a bit more. Same cables, same cabinet, even same company and my speedtests comes up as BT. So what your neighbour gets means nothing.

My problems with Talk Talk is that they take on so many customers that they can not cope, they slam people onto their network, even when the person says no, they got hacked by a teenager and yet pushed it off as if it was nothing, they have naff after sales service, so do Bt to be honest and their sales reps are pushy and run after people.

  • zyborg47
  • 10 months ago

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