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Relish starts to offer broadband relief for SE16 area

Southwark as a London Borough is one of less superfast areas of London at 92.5%, but within the Borough itself there are big divides and when we look at just SE16 postcodes only 80.6% of premises are able to get superfast broadband from fixed line services. This wider gap is also visible in the average speeds observed from speed tests, i.e. Southwark had a mean download of 29 Mbps (median 13.8 Mbps) in Q4/2017 compared to a mean of 24.5 Mbps (median 9.2 Mbps) in the SE16 area.

Map showing fixed line options in Rotherhithe
Fixed Line Broadband Coverage in SE16, Rotherhithe
Purple Postcodes - Hyperoptic Gigabit broadband
Black Postcodes - Openreach or SeeTheLight FTTP/FTTH
Green Postcodes - Openreach VDSL2 at superfast speeds
Orange Postcodes - Expected speed below 10 Mbps
Red Postcodes - Expected speed below 2 Mbps
Postcodes not shown have ADSL/ADSL2+ but probably above 10 Mbps
Virgin Media is available as a map layer, but is not shown as its presence is mainly in the Bermondsey rather than Rotherhithe area

The map above shows the current state of play and the amount of Gigabit broadband which is alongside properties with sub 10 Mbps and sub 2 Mbps broadband makes the situation even more galling.

Relish has been available to some residents for a while now, but has all too often being variable in performance, and the Borough Council has as part of its Digital Strategy signed a number of lease agreements so that Relish (UK Broadband Ltd) can install extra masts in Rotherhithe and other parts of the Borough with the goal of supplying 40 Mbps broadband to around 70% of premises.

ISPreview courtesy of one its users has covered the news that the first mast under this aggrement has gone live and in addition to the pretty map and superfast coverage breakdown for SE16 we can add that we have seen a few speed tests that match up with the new mast location and with 43 Mbps download speed and 6.2 Mbps upload speed things are looking great. We don't know the situation of this other test, i.e. speeds may be lower due to peak time, poor Wi-Fi link to Relish router, experimentation with router positioning but an evening test gave a lot lower 7.7 Mbps download speed.

As always we will keep an eye on developments and see how testing for the public progresses and in time we should be able to get an idea of how much the 4G LTE roll-out to 70% of premises overlaps the existing superfast footprint, it would be unfortunate if after this roll-out those in the slowest areas are still the slowest ones.


One problem; Relish is total pile of bull faeces. I tried it. I would have been better off with tin cans and string. As for victim support... You order online, they deliver the hardware tomorrow... great so far. Now you discover just how bad it is and it then takes an eternity to remove the stain from your life.

  • Desmond
  • about 1 year ago

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