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More full fibre premises as Community Fibre expands in London

The gold standard of full fibre is seeing some additional premises as Community Fibre has signed a master wayleave agreement with the London Borough Hammersmith and Fulham, the first to benefit is the White City estate where the roll-out is under construction now.

Community Fibre footprint in London
Postcodes with Community Fibre FTTP presence in London
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We are delighted to be working with Hammersmith & Fulham to bring Gigabit services to properties in the area. Hammersmith and Fulham have made it easy for Community Fibre to bring this expansion to reality, showing how innovative and committed they are to bring the best connectivity to the residents in the borough. In 2018, Community Fibre plans to bring full-fibre connections to more than 50,000 properties across London (20% in Hammersmith & Fulham) and providing more Londoners with the Internet they deserve.

Jeremy Chelot, Chief Executive at Community Fibre

The success of providers such as Community Fibre is important in the race to a much more full fibre rich broadband diet in the UK. The Community Fibre footprint has some premises who only have ADSL2+ as an option but a good number do have access to VDSL2 services at superfast speeds so it will be interesting to see how take-up evolves and how much people value the fixed connection speed nature of full fibre services and the erasure of that frustrating minute of starring at the sync led while the line renegotiates.

At the weekend our latest coverage report showed full fibre was available to some 6.03% (269,455) of premises in London and with our updated Community Fibre footprint this is now at 6.25% (279,451) of premises.


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