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2018 ISPA Awards the search for the stars is underway

It is time again for the annual ISPA Awards to start the long journey towards the eventual gala ceremony and dinner in July 2018. So for all those companies that provide internet services it is time to decide which categories to enter with initial registration carried out at

This year is special as it is the 20th anniversary for the awards and the categories have rejigged with three new awards:

  • A Twentieth Anniversary Award for individuals, companies or initiatives that have provided consistently exceptional service for the past 20 years;
  • The Best Project or Partnership Award that recognises partnerships and collaboration involving ISPs, community organisations, local bodies or interest groups;
  • The Best ISP PR Campaign to award agencies that have helped ISPs stand out from the crowd.

The timeline is that companies have until 31st January 2018 to get the initial entry form submitted with the formal written entry needing to be submitted by 29th March 2018. The broadband and hosting categories will have their usual technical testing and this starts on 12th February and will run until 29th March 2018 and is used to create the shortlist those categories.

For those not familiar with the awards there is lots more information on the process at and an important one in the rules is 'Entrants do not have an access to their performance data during the monitoring process' which is a common request along the lines of are we doing well enough to be shortlisted the only response those being monitored will receive is whether the volume of testing seen is too small to provide a good assessment of their performance as a provider of the service being tested.


I feel serious consideration should be given to "PLUNET" for their unstinting efforts towards customer service. I've just renewed my telephone and broadband with PlusNet, a better provider cannot be found. In all the time I've been with them, not once have I had cause to complain. Well Done PlusNet, keep up the good work.

  • Derby
  • over 3 years ago

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