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Oxfordshire hits 95% superfast coverage milestone

The race to increase superfast broadband coverage across the country continues and BT has put Oxfordshire in the limelight as one of the counties that is now at the 95% superfast target, in fact the figures are 95.5% at over 24 Mbps and 95% at 30 Mbps and faster. The official release also gives the snippet that BDUK scheme in Oxfordshire has brought superfast options to over 73,000 premises and that take-up is running at the 50% mark.

Once we do the mathematics on our dataset for county and look at the overlaps with Virgin Media we believe the project has given the superfast option to some 73,500 premises and our take-up tracking at the end of the third quarter was at 40% with projects such as Essex, Berkshire, Durham, Derbyshire, Dorset and Cambridgeshire showing very similar take-up based on our tracking of people using the services once available.

thinkbroadband analysis of Superfast Broadband Coverage across Oxfordshire as of 12th December 2017
Area% fibre based% superfast
Over 24 Mbps
% superfast
30 Mbps or faster
% Ultrafast


Full Fibre All Operators

Openreach FTTP

% Under 2 Mbps
% Under 10 Mbps
Oxfordshire 98.2% 95.5% 95% 49.3%



0.5% 2%
288,913 Premises 283,627 276,023 274,522 142,383



1,470 5,895
BT/BDUK Better Broadband for Oxfordshire Contract Delivery 99.1% 93.3% 92.3% 26.7% (**)



1.1% 3%
95,750 Premises 94,888 89,334 88,377 25,565



1,053 2,872
Cherwell District 97.6% 95.6% 95.4% 30.6%



0.5% 2%
64,410 Premises 62,844 61,571 61,425 19,734



290 1,283
Oxford City 98.8% 98.7% 98.6% 86% 0% 0.1% 0.4%
60,074 Premises 59,379 59,278 59,253 51,622 0 58 224
South Oxfordshire District 99.1% 93.8% 92.7% 30.3%



0.9% 3%
60,457 Premises 59,906 56,704 56,063 18,313



514 1,785
Vale of White Horse District 99% 96.6% 96.1% 61.2%



0.4% 1.5%
56,227 Premises 55,682 54,343 54,041 34,380



236 821
West Oxfordshire District 95.8% 92.3% 91.5% 38.4%



0.8% 3.8%
47,676 Premises 45,689 44,009 43,622 18,322



363 1,830

(**) The ultrafast figure obviously includes Virgin Media and this explains why while the BDUK footprint was in the 96,000 premises region that once you eliminate the overlaps and account for the distance from the cabinet affecting VDSL2 the figure drops to 73,800. The actual figure is likely to be higher as while earlier in 2017 we did flag the rural FTTP as part of the project with the amount of work going on at present we have not had time to make the judgement calls on whether some FTTP was BDUK funded, or part of a new build delivery or just commercial.

The Gigaclear coverage is obviously an important part of the picture in the county too and drawfs the amount of full fibre from Openreach and as pressure builds for a richer full fibre future from Westminster we hope that the 1 in 20 premises in Oxfordshire with access to full fibre will increase substantially.

The funding to date has been £35.8 million of which £13.3 million is from BT and we believe this has given 511 live VDSL2 cabinets, and hints of another 20 cabinets on the way, plus of course the FTTP, so a pure back of the envelope calculation suggests a cost of £63,000 per cabinet but the final cost will depend on how many more cabinets and full fibre premises the project manages to deliver from the £35.8 million.


A question about the second group of stats: the ones labelled "BT/BDUK Better Broadband for Oxfordshire Contract Delivery"...

Do you know why the total "fibre-based" doesn't reach 100%?

Is it perhaps the number that are waiting for delivery still? Or the number whose checker data is wrong? Or something else?

  • WWWombat
  • about 1 year ago

"hints of another 20 cabinets on the way" some of those are infill and we may have moved the postcodes to the new prospective cabinet already, so just waiting for cabinet to go live.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • about 1 year ago

"The ultrafast figure obviously includes Virgin Media" Another case of a monopoly provider where there is no customer choice of fibre ISP because openreach will not provide fibre infrastructure without massive public handouts.

Years after the local exchange was 'fibre enabled' the Openreach fibre checker says:

We're working with government and industry to explore ways to bring Superfast fibre to as many people as possible but don't have a plan for your area yet.

You might consider co-funding fibre access in your community. Knowing there's a healthy demand in your area can also really help.

  • M100
  • about 1 year ago

Sick of waiting for fibre.. For years it has been promised, even the smaller villages that surround Wareham have got it. Just when I thought it was on it's way - BT fibre checker showed it on the 'Connect' stage, it has now moved back to 'Field Survey' utterly ridiculous.

  • Mapantz
  • about 1 year ago

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