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BT Openworld line only product officially launched

BT Openworld has expanded its product portfolio with a Line Only product as we predicted in our news on 9th August. The official name is Home 500 Plug & Go - Line Only and differs from BT Openworlds existing Home 500 product in that users will have freedom of choice over the ADSL hardware they connect to the line, until now BT Openworld has insisted that the hardware for the connection be purchased from them.

Their is no difference in the price of the product, i.e. activation is still £65 inc VAT and the monthly fee is £29.99 inc VAT.

In other BT Openworld news apparently they now have more than 120,000 users on the consumer ADSL products and sales have doubled since March 2002.

Finally for those users who plump for the BT Openworld modem pack it is confirmed that this will continue to be Thomson (Alcatel) Speedtouch USB hardware for the next two years. Once the Speedtouch 330 USB modem is launched then that modem will take over from the current USB modem.


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