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KCOM announces 200,000 premises of full fibre by March 2019

KCOM has announced officially that by 2019 it expects to have completed its full fibre roll-out to around 200,000 premises in the Hull area comprising Kingston Upon Hull and parts of East Yorkshire, this should mean 100% coverage.

KCOM is expected to reach some 150,000 premises by the end of 2017 and once all the counting has been done in January this looks like a broadband milestone that will be hit.

The Lightstream product when initally launched was a mixture of FTTC and FTTP, but only FTTP has been deployed for some time now and with our coverage tracking the city itself at 63.9% coverage a push to complete the footprint will be most welcome by residents and businesses alike.

Full fibre is the future, and so I'm delighted that KCOM is now entering the final stage of its ambitious roll-out of full fibre broadband to homes and businesses in Hull. Rapid advances in technologies mean the need for ever faster broadband is going to increase, and so it's wonderful news that the people of Hull will all be able to enjoy the gold standard, future proof connectivity that full fibre broadband offers.

Minister for Digital Matt Hancock

KCOM offer speeds of up to 250 Mbps to residential customers with business broadband allowing the purchase of Gigabit broadband if they want maximum speed.

For those who the roll-out has yet to reach the pace is expected to be around 3,000 premises per month starting in the New Year and it will be interesting to see how the roll-out handles those more complex situations such as flats where a landlord is blocking access, certainly those in postcodes where the majority are already served will be watching closely to make sure they are not forgotten.

In terms of future proofing this should place KCOM in a very strong position, and while this was the right choice for KCOM the time taken to build the network means that this approach would not have worked in the original phases of the BDUK process where ramping up the volume delivered was critical. Looking at the costs involved the estimate is that the roll-out will have cost £85 million once finished which works out at £425 per premise but with the majority of these premises in urban Hull and Beverley we would urge caution at using that figure as a projection for the UK as a whole and with the vertical integration the recovery of this investment is a little more certain.


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