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SDSL picking up the pace in both directions

SDSL (symmetrical digital subscriber line) looks like it is gaining another service provider with zipcom rolling out a service to limited areas of the country. SDSL gives the same speed in both directions and is generally used as a low cost leased line replacement.

The zipcom product is not cheap at £399/month for a 2Mbps line, but for what you get it is not that bad. It appears to include a comprehensive SLA with a guaranteed 99.92% uptime and fully managed routers. The areas that it will be launched in are Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Slough, Ealing, Coventry, Reading, Oxford, Aylesbury, Bolton, Stockport and Luton. They have plans for further rollout across the country as well.

Thanks to Mark at for highlighting the new service.

BT Wholesale meanwhile is likely to be starting its trial of SDSL around October time on a number of London sites, which if all goes well may extend to areas outside of London.


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