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West Oxfordshire is back on the ultrafast broadband pathway

Residents and businesses in West Oxfordshire may be confused over whether they are every going to get better broadband than they have now, but the taps of hope have been turned again as the district council has signed a contract with Gigaclear to bring ultrafast broadband to some 4,600 premises across the district between November 2017 and December 2019.

The funding is £1.5m from the West Oxfordshire District Council with the usual match funding (£1.6m) from the BDUK pot and we presume a level of investment from Gigaclear.

The 4,600 premises is said to be enough to take the district to well over 99% superfast broadband coverage and it that does seem possible, unless some pesky developer manages to build a few thousand new homes in the area and does so without ensuring superfast broadband coverage.

The area has been here before over three years ago in 2014 and this maybe illustrates that just drive and ambition is not always enough in the broadband roll-out arena.

With the broadband Universal Service Obligation still very much in the debate stages and the fact that by 2019 those with sub 10 Mbps services will invariably be very small clusters or individual premises projects how the USO is delivered economically may need to differ across the UK based on the dominate supplier in an area.


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