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BT Wholesale Availability checker broken - NOW FIXED

It would appear that the availability checker at is currently broken. It is giving out incorrect results for people who are in areas with an ADSL enabled BT exchange - basically it is saying people can't get ADSL even when they already have the service. Additionally, people who are looking to order the service are getting confused because it is now saying that it is not available in their area at all.

Lets hope that BT Wholesale can fix this problem quickly, otherwise there is a risk that it will impact the demand for ADSL and further erode peoples trust in broadband.

Update: It appears now 30 minutes or so later that the checker has been fixed, but then it might not be. Currently the results are changing every 5 minutes or so for just a single number. Fixing text mistakes on a live website is just about acceptable, but playing around with such a large database in a live situation is not acceptable for a company the size of BT - one would expect updates to be fully tested before being rolled out onto a live system.

Update 2: Tuesday morning and the highly useful message "Component/WinInet error: A connection with the server could not be established" is all the checker returns now for both availability and registration checks.

Update 3: BT Wholesale have confirmed that the fault exists in the backend database and work is underway to fix it. Service providers should have received an email alerting them about the problem. Finally an unavailable message has been added to the system.

Update 4: The site appears to be working again as of midday on 3rd September.


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